Tigran Khachikyan receives international expert on anti-corruption strategy and monitoring Matthew Murray

22/05/2019 Font

On 21 May, Deputy Minister of Justice Tigran Khachikyan received the delegation headed by international expert on anti-corruption strategy and monitoring Matthew Murray. The delegation is in Armenia at the invitation of the Office of Transition Initiatives of the USAID.

During the meeting, the parties discussed a number of issues related to the fight against corruption.

Greeting the guests, Deputy Minister Khachikyan presented the executive summary of the draft of the Anti-Corruption Strategy and the Action Plan deriving from it. The Strategy and Action Plan were developed by the Ministry.

Matthew Murray expressed gratitude for the reception, emphasising that his mission helped the U.S. Government to perform assessment with a view to assisting in the development of an effective anti-corruption strategic programme in Armenia.

The international expert also stated that the fight against corruption is a global issue and attached importance to international co-operation in the fight against transnational corruption networks. In this context, the mechanisms for identifying and seizing stolen assets were touched upon.

In the context of the development of the anti-corruption strategy, Tigran Khachikyan attached importance to this substantial meeting, emphasising that the Strategy developed by the Ministry of Justice is multi-sectoral and incorporates more than 70 actions. The Deputy Minister informed that the Anti-Corruption Strategy will be submitted for public consideration in the near future, and all the effective recommendations will be inventoried within the framework of the Strategy.

At the end of the meeting, the parties expressed their mutual interest in the issues on the introduction of an effective strategy for the fight against corruption and expressed willingness for close co-operation in the near future.

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