Minister of Justice participates in opening of office for provision of free legal aid

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On 7 June, at the Chamber of Advocates, Minister of Justice of the Republic of Armenia Davit Harutyunyan participated in the opening ceremony of the office built for the purpose of providing free legal aid. During the tour in the Chamber, escorted by Chairperson of the Chamber of Advocates Ara Zohrabyan, the activities of the institution were presented to the Minister.

Minister of Justice Davit Harutyunyan expressed his gratitude to the authors and supporters of the initiative for completing such a task and emphasised that the advocates bear social responsibility in terms of making their professional capacities serve the public.

According to the Minister, Pro Bono (free) aid, which originated in the 19th century and developed in European countries, will now also be applied in Armenia. "This proves that there is awareness of the existing issues and new steps are constantly being taken to resolve them. In any developing country, and I view the justice sector in Armenia as developing, such problems will constantly emerge, and I am very happy that, in this regard, the Chamber of Advocates is already moving forward and finding solutions. This is just the beginning of the road," said Davit Harutyunyan and added that the countries where advocacy companies provide such services are considered the most successful.

The Minister ex officio assured that he will put in all efforts to make this initiative a success and to enhance it.

Chairperson of the Chamber of Advocates Ara Zohrabyan expressed his gratitude to Davit Harutyunyan for participating in the event and informed that this office, established with the support of French-Armenian benefactor Raymond Ezegelian and provided gratuitously, will ensure a good start for the working activities of young advocates. "The only condition that will be set for our colleagues is the provision of free legal aid to our citizens," noted the Chairperson of the Chamber.

Let us mention that every beneficiary will be entitled to use the office for a period of one semester.

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