Current results of the process of admission to trainings for the purpose of being appointed to a position in the patrol service and the courses

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Based on the announcement on the joint admission-competition for the purpose of being appointed to a position in the patrol service, the applicants having succeeded in the selection stage of applicants, the admission-competition tests (comprehensive test (testing) of professional competence compliance and physical fitness test) and the interview and having passed the competition, have the right to participate in five months intensive courses.

Hence, within the period of 7 to 30 September of the current year, 1146 applicants passed the comprehensive professional competence compliance test (testing) and physical fitness test.

Based on the procedure prescribed by Order of the Head of the Police of the Republic of Armenia No 8-N of 18 May 2012 and the schedule approved by the Admissions Committee, the interviews of the applicants having passed the previous stages were held from 1 to 9 October of the current year. For this purpose, the Admission Committee formed seven interview committees, each of which involved a representative of the Police of the Republic of Armenia, the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia, one representative from international and one from
non-governmental organisations, and a psychologist.

Conditioned by the martial law declared in the country on 27 September of the current year, as well as due to COVID-19 epidemic or other reasons, unfortunately, not all the applicants who had passed the previous stages (physical fitness test and testing) were able to take part in the interviews conducted from 1 to 9 October.

In particular, as of this moment 836 applicants have received a positive feedback from the interview, and 111 applicants have not been able to participate in the interview due to the above-mentioned valid excuses.

Taking into account the current situation and on the basis of the new schedule approved by the Order of the Head of the Police of the Republic of Armenia of 13 October 2020, admission tests and interviews will continue until 24 October 2020 giving an opportunity to our compatriots who have volunteered and have failed to appear for other valid excuses, to participate in the interview stage. After that, the Admissions Committee will summarise the general results of the admission and the data on 770 applicants who have passed the competition as well as the start date of the courses will be announced.

Hence, we suggest following the announcements on our website. Meanwhile some details and other useful information about the upcoming courses are presented below.

The courses, which consist of theoretical and practical sessions (the list of modules is presented in Annex 1), are aimed at maximizing guidance to the establishment of a new professional patrol service envisaged by the Police Reforms Strategy for
2020-2022 and full implementation of the functions of the latter (functions are presented in Annex 2).

The training will be carried out in accordance with the State Educational Standard for 1032.01.02.4 "Patrol" qualification of 1032.01.4 "Police" speciality of the primary vocational (handicraft) education approved by Order of the Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the Republic of Armenia No 14-N of 19 June 2020.

For the purpose of conducting the courses, more than 120 Armenian and more than 20 international trainers were involved on a competitive basis in order to respectively provide teaching of the modules envisaged by the Educational Standard for Patrol Service.

The training classes will be held six days a week (except Sundays) from 09:30 to 16:00.

In order to organise the trainings and ensure the quality of the patrol service, the courses will be conducted in formats prescribed by international standards, which includes a large number of practical trainings, team work, frequent test assignments and tests.

In addition to the current tests, a final exam is also envisaged. Students who have successfully completed the training as a result of a combination of both the current tests and the final exam, as well as of certain other approaches to assessment (individual behaviour, leadership, feedback from the teammates and professors) will be eligible to join the new patrol service.

Annex 1. Modules of the primary vocational education course for "Patrol" qualification at Educational Complex of the Police of the Republic of Armenia in the 2020-2021 academic year

Annex 2. Functions of the Patrol Service

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