Police Reform Strategy of the Republic of Armenia approved


Today, the Government approved the Reform Strategy and the 2020-2022 Action Plan of the Police of the Republic of Armenia.

As Minister of Justice of the Republic of Armenia Rustam Badasyan informed, this document, which was developed by the working group, has undergone a comprehensive public discussion, a number of agreements on the implementation of the Strategy have been reached with international partners, and the financial assessment has been ensured.

As a result of implementation of the Action Plans of the Strategy and legislative amendments:

1.     a ministry for development and implementation of the policy for the sector will be established;

2.     a Patrol Service and an Operational Management Centre will be established;

3.     the effectiveness of preliminary investigation will be reviewed;

4.     the capacity-building of police troops will be ensured in the context of maintenance of public order, effective tactical solutions will be introduced, activities for building capacities for negotiating and communicating and for improving technical equipment will be carried out;

5.     community police will be reinterpreted;

6.     the issues of preparation, ongoing capacity-building and moral-psychological preparation of police personnel, integrity and anti-corruption education of the police officer will be seriously reviewed. Revision of educational, training and preparation programmes of the Educational Complex of the Police, as well as improvement of the environment are envisaged for this. Specific steps for reinforcing the social guarantees of police officers have also been earmarked;

7.     steps will be taken for increasing transparency and public accountability and promoting international co-operation as well.