Regular discussion of the National Strategy for Human Rights Protection and the Action Plan for 2020-2022deriving therefrom took place

30/10/2019 Font

Today, a regular sector-specific public discussion of the draft National Strategy for Human Rights Protection and the Action Plan for 2020-2022 deriving therefrom took place with participation of Deputy Minister of Justice Kristinne Grigoryan. It was related to the sector of protection of educational, healthcare, social insurance, children's and economic rights. Chairperson of the Standing Committee on Protection of Human Rights and Public Affairs of the National Assembly Naira Zohrabyan and about three dozens of representatives of public and private sectors participated in the discussion as well.

Deputy Minister Grigoryan noted that marz visits are also envisaged within the framework of public discussions with the view to ensuring wider involvement in the process of developing the Strategy. The Deputy Minister reminded that the development of the Strategy derives from the Government Programme and demonstrates the commitment of the Government to develop and implement a comprehensive policy in the sector of protection of human rights. Kristinne Grigoryan emphasised that the Ministry of Justice is open to receive recommendations from the civil society both by means of platform and such discussions, to discuss them and, where necessary, to incorporate them in the draft Strategy and the Action Plan.

The Deputy Minister also informed that in the first week of November it is envisaged to summarise the received recommendations and submit them to the Government for approval.

Afterwards, the participants of the discussion touched upon the issues of their concern related to a number of regulations envisaged by the draft.

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