"Centre for the implementation of legal education and rehabilitation programmes" SNCO

Director of "Law Institute of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia" SNCO

The scope of activity and objectives of the Centre are the following:

(1)    organising training courses and special educational courses for the officers of the Penitentiary Service and the Judicial Acts Compulsory Enforcement Service of the Republic of Armenia;

(2)    developing effective and targeted programmes for the correction, social rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders (hereinafter referred to as “the social rehabilitation programmes”), including development of common criteria for training, cultural activities, sports, pedagogical activities, psychological activities and social work and submission thereof to an authorised body for approval;

(3)    implementing social rehabilitation programmes for persons being kept in confinement at penitentiary institutions or serving non-custodial sentences or persons under supervision, as well as those released from punishment;

(4)    ensuring employment for convicts;

(5)    supporting and promoting social initiatives during the implementation of activities with offenders in the field of criminal justice and providing state assistance to those initiatives;

(6)    implementing complex measures for the co-operation between state and non-state bodies within the scope of implementation of social rehabilitation programmes and organising events, consultations and conferences with foreign and international organisations;

(7)    providing the officers of the Penitentiary Service and the Judicial Acts Compulsory Enforcement Service of the Republic of Armenia, as well as convicts with higher education through relevant educational programmes;

(8)    conducting expert assessments on scientific-theoretical and practical research activities;

(9)    applying modern information technologies, computer and electronic means in a co-ordinated and comprehensive manner at all levels of education, as well as developing and enhancing systems for prospective professions;

(10)  preparing informational-analytical materials.";

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