Announcement on submitting applications for the candidacy of representatives of international organizations in the Constitutional Reform Council


By the Decision of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia No. 1442-a dated December 17, 2021 (hereinafter referred to as “the decision”), the process of establishing the Council for Constitutional Reforms (hereinafter referred to as the Council) has been launched.

According to the decision mentioned above, two representatives of international organizations operating in the Republic of Armenia may also be included in the composition of the Council as additional members with the right of an advisory vote.

Guided by the above, the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia (hereinafter referred to as the Ministry) informs that applications should be submitted to the Ministry by 10 January 2022.

1. Following the decision, an application may be submitted by international organizations that:

a. operate in the areas of human rights protection, the rule of law, strengthening the democratic system, improving legislation, developing the judicial and legal system, and

b. During the five years preceding the nomination of the representative has continuously developed activities in the areas mentioned above in the Republic of Armenia.

2. In the appendix to the application, documents (information) certifying the applicant's compliance with the requirements (criteria) specified in paragraph 1 of this application should be submitted. The applicant shall indicate in the application the candidate who is proposed to be included in the Council as the applicant's representative and provide information about the representative (first name, last name, passport data, phone number, e-mail address), biography (curriculum vitae).

3. The application and the attached documents (hereinafter referred to as documents) can be handed over, sent by mail, or submitted to the e-mail address confirmed or signed with an electronic digital signature and photocopied.

4. To accept documents, the Ministry maintains an appropriate register, which specifies the information and the number of documents submitted by the applicant:

5. Documents sent by mail are considered submitted on time if they are sent by mail before the expiration of the period specified in the announcement.

6. The applicant is notified of the receipt of documents sent by mail and electronically within one working day following the receipt of the documents at the e-mail address provided by him.

7. The Ministry selects candidates no later than within ten calendar days after the deadline for submitting applications and ensures that information on the results of the election of candidates is posted at the official website of the Ministry