Deputy Ministers receive members of delegation of the World Bank


On 25 November, Deputy Ministers of Justice Rafik Grigoryan and Kristinne Grigoryan received the delegation led by Senior Economist of the World Bank Migara De Silva.

First Deputy Minister Rafik Grigoryan welcomed the counterparts to the Ministry of Justice, briefly presenting the processes being implemented by the Ministry of Justice targeted at the issues subject to discussion.

During the meeting, the parties touched upon the issues of introducing and updating a number of e-toolkits envisaged for use in the context of the Strategy for Judicial and Legal Reforms and of the Anti-Corruption Strategy. In particular, issues related to the vision of a new electronic declaration system and terms of reference thereof were discussed. Deputy Minister Kristinne Grigoryan also informed her counterparts that the Ministry also closely co-operates with the newly-elected Commission for the Prevention of Corruption in the process of updating the electronic declaration system, combining their efforts in that direction.

Referring to the activities being carried out in the e-justice sector, First Deputy Minister of Justice Rafik Grigoryan presented to his counterparts the process of introduction of a pilot project for electronic submission and issuance of payment orders on bankruptcy cases, as well as in the field of civil procedure, which is carried out jointly with the Supreme Judicial Council.

The parties also touched upon the process of updating the electronic database of legal acts, as a result of which the First Deputy Minister emphasised that the iterative processes, parallel with legislative initiatives, will be prevented.

A number of issues related to the introduction of e-toolkits in the sector of criminal justice were also discussed during the meeting.