Rustam Badasyan participating in conference entitled "Digital Challenges for Justice in Europe"


From 14 to 16 October, Minister of Justice of the Republic of Armenia Rustam Badasyan is participating in the conference entitled "Digital Challenges for Justice in Europe" in the city of Strasbourg of the French Republic.

In his speech, the Minister informed that the Strategy for Judicial and Legal Reforms — approved by the Government of the Republic of Armenia — envisages ensuring institutional development of the justice sector, a component of which will be the introduction of electronic justice tools.

According to the Minister, the aim is to consolidate all the electronic systems and databases operating within justice bodies, upgrade the electronic governance systems operating in courts, introduce in courts and launch a unified judicial system of electronic governance based on those systems, create an electronic system of document circulation among police, judicial and law-enforcement authorities, introduce an on-line official correspondence system, ensure gathering of statistical data through the system throughout the proceedings, as well as ensure creation of digital archives.

Minister Badasyan emphasised that information technologies have an impact on the sectors of public administration and justice in Armenia as well. Electronic platforms and systems have been developed and launched with the support of the European Union, the USAID, the UNDP, the World Bank and other international donors, and among those platforms and systems are the Unified Website for Publication of Legal Acts' Drafts (, the website that helps improve the services provided by the Ministry of Justice (, the unified website created for the purpose of checking the validity of official documents issued by state bodies of the Republic of Armenia (,, the platform launched for the purpose of disclosing corruption crimes (, etc.

Summing up his speech, Rustam Badasyan emphasised that, alongside the new challenges in the digital era, digitisation is tremendously beneficial; governments are fighting against corruption and simplifying administration through the electronic democracy tools that have been created.