Rustam Badasyan discusses with representatives of international donor organisations the reforms in the justice sector


Today, Minister of Justice of the Republic of Armenia Rustam Badasyan met the heads and representatives of international institutions operating in the Republic of Armenia and discussed the opportunities for supporting the initiatives aimed at the reform in the sector and jointly achieving tangible results.

The Minister welcomed the representatives of the international donor organisations and expressed gratitude to UN Resident Coordinator and Resident Representative with the UNDP for the Republic of Armenia Shombi Sharp and the staff for the support in organising the meeting. The Minister of Justice mentioned that the meeting in such format is an effective platform for discussing the strategic directions of co-operation in the context of reforms in the justice sector.

Rustam Badasyan presented to the international partners the latest amendments to a number of draft sector-specific strategies. They related to the reforms in the anti-corruption, judicial and legal, human rights protection, penitentiary and probation sectors.

By addressing the Anti-Corruption Strategy and the Action Plan, the Minister mentioned that they are targeted at the institutional formation of the sector, creating one ongoing and comprehensive chain of all important actors to make the reforms a reality.

As regards the Strategy for Judicial and Legal Reforms, Rustam Badasyan informed that it is aimed not only at increasing the effectiveness of the judicial system, but at the reform of prosecutorial and investigative bodies as well. The Minister also attached importance to the address of the Strategy to such important topics for the Armenian society as constitutional and electoral reforms, as well as transitional justice, aimed at ensuring the reconciliation of the public, closing the painful pages of our history and excluding the same mistakes in future.

By closing his speech, the Minister of Justice again expressed gratitude to all international institutions for the ongoing support in the process of reforms in the sector.

The representatives of the international organisations expressed readiness to support the reforms and highlighted unanimously that the latest efforts and activities of the Ministry of Justice aimed at the elaboration of important strategic documents may be viewed as a best example for partner countries that are on the path of reforms.