Deputy Minister of Justice attends the lesson held with participation of persons under the age of 19 at "Abovyan" Penitentiary Institution

02/09/2019 Font

Today, Deputy Minister of Justice Srbuhi Galyan visited "Abovyan" Penitentiary Institution and attended the lesson held with the participation of persons under the age of 19, serving their punishment in the form of imprisonment and those detained. It is being conducted by the "Legal Education and Rehabilitation Programmes Implementation Centre" SNCO.

Henceforth, the Centre started at three penitentiary institutions implementation of general education — having been interrupted since 2015 — of 10 persons under the age of 19 being kept at penitentiary institutions.

The Deputy Minister had conversation with minor detained persons and convict and expressed hope that they will attend the training courses with great pleasure and will be active during the lessons, as well as expressed her gratitude to the pedagogues that will do their best to make the lessons interesting and meaningful. Srbuhi Galyan wished everyone success and encouraged to study well so that they can find a decent job in liberty.

Director of the SNCO Ashot Hayrapetyan also advised to read as much as possible, emphasising that it is education that creates all further benefits.

Afterwards, accompanied by Head of "Abovyan" Penitentiary Institution Armen Martirosyan, Deputy Minister Srbuhi Galyan made a tour of the Institution, got acquainted on the spot with the conditions of confinement of the detained persons and convicts, visited the cells, the quarantine unit, the accommodation, the kitchen, the gym, the infirmary and got acquainted with the resources and the needs of the Penitentiary Institution.

During the tour, a number of issues have been discussed regarding the variety and quality of food, the quality of health care services, measures related to the re-socialisation of convicts, the engagement of convicts in existing jobs and in the ones to be created.

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