Monitoring group welcomes approaches adopted through strategy on penitentiary and probation sectors


On 25 July 2019, the Ministry of Justice posted on the Unified Website for Publication of Legal Acts' Drafts the draft of the 2019-2023 Strategy on the Penitentiary and Probation Sectors of the Republic of Armenia and its Implementation Action Plan for 2019-2023 — revised based on feedback from civil society representatives — for public consideration (

The aim of the Strategy is to make the transition from punitive policy to restorative justice, implement the goals of punishment effectively, reduce recidivism, overcome the criminal subculture, shape a corruption-free culture within the penitentiary and probation systems and develop the penitentiary and probation systems in line with international standards.

Let us inform that the Group of Public Monitors Implementing Supervision over the Criminal-Executive Institutions and Bodies of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia has positively assessed the approach to replenish the strategic directions of the revised Strategy and to make the Strategy more inclusive and has submitted recommendations that are aimed at making the Strategy more comprehensive.

The Ministry of Justice expresses gratitude for the co-operation and anticipates the active participation of all interested parties in having a more targeted Strategy.