Priorities for judicial-legal reforms and reforms in anti-corruption field discussed with high-level European experts


Тoday, Minister of Justice of the Republic of Armenia Rustam Badasyan received high-level experts of the Council of Europe Diana Kovacheva (former Minister of Justice of Bulgaria, current Deputy Human Rights Defender of Bulgaria) and Gerhard Reissner (Former Chairperson of the Consultative Council of European Judges, International Association of Judges and European Association of Judges) headed by Head of the Council of Europe Office in Yerevan Natalia Voutova.

Greeting the guests, the Minister attached importance to the meeting with this expert group and presented the priorities of the Ministry in the judicial-legal sector and in the anti-corruption field to the European colleagues in general, emphasising that the conceptual approaches to the draft Strategy for Judicial and Legal Reforms will also be considered with civil society representatives before development of the draft.

Issues on the clarification of grounds and procedure for instituting disciplinary proceedings against judges, the scope of bodies entitled to institute disciplinary proceedings against judges, the toolkits of the to-be-created Anti-Corruption Court and Anti-Corruption Committee, improvement of the institution of declaring the assets, incomes and expenses of officials and other issues were touched upon during the meeting.

Let us mention that the administration of the Ministry of Justice will continue working with the high-level European experts to prepare the roadmap for judicial-legal reforms over the next couple of days as well.