Concluding discussion on roadmap for EU-Armenia Agreement takes place


Today, Deputy Minister of Justice Vigen Kocharyan participated in the concluding discussion between the Government and civil society regarding some provisions of the roadmap for the EU-Armenia Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement.

Deputy Minister Kocharyan presented to the participants of the discussion the actions envisaged with regard to the fields of justice, the fight against corruption and human rights protection included in the roadmap.

Vigen Kocharyan emphasised that, in the process of approximation of the local legislation to EU legal acts, the Ministry of Justice decided to take the path of developing and stipulating fundamental documents, i.e. adopting strategies and action plans for human rights protection, judicial reforms and the fight against corruption.

When presenting the process of reforms envisaged in the judicial-legal sector, the Deputy Minister also noted that the financial and material support mechanisms for those reforms are also being actively discussed along with the legal solutions. Within the context of the fight against corruption, Vigen Kocharyan also touched upon the possibilities of establishing an independent anti-corruption body, as well as highlighted the need to continue to introduce electronic governance and electronic communication instruments as the best instruments for the fight against corruption.

Then, the Deputy Minister answered questions raised by civil society representatives.