Minister of Justice celebrates Citizen's Day with citizens of Ashtarak

27/04/2019 Font

Today, Minister of Justice Artak Zeynalyan, together with his son, participated in a discussion on the topic "An informed citizen" held within the framework of the event devoted to Citizen's Day at the park in the city of Ashtarak.

The Minister congratulated those present on Citizen’s Day and noted that the people of Armenia demonstrated themselves as real citizens in April 2018. "For many years, power in Armenia was not established by the will of the people, but the people are the owners of the country, and they should decide who will serve them as governors. When the people stood up a year ago, power was gained constitutionally, and no right was violated. This demonstrated the value of our citizens," Minister Zeynalyan said and reminded about the behaviour of the citizens of the Republic of Armenia during the uprising, in the course of which no branch was broken and no car was damaged. According to the Minister, this is the behaviour of a citizen, of an owner of the country and of a person who respects the rights of others. "We Armenians love our country. We want it to be wealthy. We wish that there are jobs in our country because work also makes us happy," the Minister noted and attached importance to continuity of the revolution, linking it to the awareness of citizens. According to him, by saying "We are the owners of our country", we mean that it refers to every matter. "The wealth of our country consists of the sum of the wealth of all of us. If we are good citizens, by getting rich, we must make the country rich in general which is professionally referred to as gross domestic product. If in our country governors are able to ensure free competition, opportunities for self-expression and realisation, then each of us must benefit from that, and we have adopted this policy," Artak Zeynalyan noted, assuring that no illegal election will take place in Armenia anymore. According to him, the authorities serving citizens after the revolution ensured free, fair, transparent and trustworthy elections, the continuity of which will also be ensured. "We challenged corruption and protectionism. There must not be privileged people in Armenia. Armenia is our home, and we, as the owners of our home, must do our best to serve our family," the Minister of Justice concluded, congratulating everybody on Citizen's Day once again.

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