Anna Vardapetyan visits Jrvezh community administration having joined operators providing state services

27/04/2019 Font

On 26 April, Deputy Minister of Justice of the Republic of Armenia Anna Vardapetyan visited the office of Jrvezh community administration where, starting from 1 June 2019, the operating Citizens Service Office will start to provide more than 60 services delegated by the state.

Let us remind that, by the decision of the Government, 40 community administrations have also joined the 10 operators providing state services, and now there are 50 operators in the entire territory of Armenia. This means that there will be no longer a need to visit the capital, particularly the state bodies to receive any of the 67 state services. The state bodies will be close to the citizens in communities. By the decision of the Government, the communities having joined the project will start performing, in stages, the functions assumed by them, and the project will be fully introduced in 40 communities by the end of 2020.

The Deputy Minister discussed with the head of community Robert Petrosyan a number of issues regarding the provision of services, touched upon the potential issues related to raising citizens’ awareness about the issues and increasing, in stages, the volume of in-situ use of services provided by the State.

At the office of the community administration, Deputy Minister Anna Vardapetyan also met with Head of the Eastern Europe Division of the Federal Ministry for Economic Co-operation and Development of the Federal Republic of Germany Dirk Schattschneider, Country Director of GIZ Armenian Office Anne Kempa and representatives of the regional office of KfW. The opportunities for contributing to the development of communities through the delegation of state services to communities were discussed during the meeting. According to Anna Vardapetyan, the delegation of services is still the first stage, and what is more important is to follow effective provision of the services.

At the end of the meeting, the Deputy Minister was introduced to the capacities of the Citizens Service Office operated by the GIZ, with the support of the German co-operation, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and the United States Agency for International Development.

Let us mention that the list of services provided by the offices of the functioning operators is available at

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