Deputy Minister discusses opportunities for co-operation with NGO representatives


On 16 April, Deputy Minister of Justice of the Republic of Armenia Anna Vardapetyan received President of the "Freedom of Information Centre" NGO Shushan Doydoyan and President of the "Centre of Democracy and Law" NGO Arman Khachatryan to discuss the opportunities for co-operation within the framework of the "Monitoring of e-justice platforms and the offices for provision of state services" project.

Deputy Minister Anna Vardapetyan welcomed the co-operation with the non-governmental organisations and emphasised that this meeting serves as a good opportunity to outline the directions of further partnership.

During the meeting, Arman Khachatryan presented the purpose of monitoring and platforms and the unified offices for provision of state services, the methods for documenting the results and the vision for partnership.

Employee of the Division for Electronic Justice and Innovation Programmes Arevik Avoyan and Computer Network System Administrator Mary Sheroyan, who were attending the meeting, presented the issues, the ways to solve them, as well as the activities carried out parallel to the development of legislative and information technologies, emphasising the importance of public awareness.

Shushan Doydoyan emphasised the importance of the project being implemented within the scope of the Informed Armenia project, co-financed by the EU and in co-operation with the Maastricht-based European Journalism Centre and the opportunity to assess the efficiency of electronic tools and unified state offices.

Deputy Minister Vardapetyan expressed hope that the outcomes of the project will be useful for improving and enhancing the provision of state services, as well as will allow to identify new opportunities for raising the level of efficiency.

The parties of the meeting reached an agreement on the format for future working discussions and enhancement of partnership within the framework of project implementation.