Minister Zeynalyan participates in presentation of Anahit Manasyan's monograph

21/03/2019 Font

On 20 March, Minister of Justice of the Republic of Armenia Artak Zeynalyan participated in the presentation of the monograph entitled “Constitutional Sustainability as the Major Guarantee of Sustainable Diplomacy” by Vice Rector of the Academy of Justice, Candidate of Law, Associate Professor of Constitutional Law at Yerevan State University Anahit Manasyan.

Minister Zeynalyan expressed his gratitude to the author for the invitation and noted that one of the challenges of contemporary politics is to ensure sustainable democracy and the existence of a legal state hinged on sustainable democracy, and one of the steadfast bases of sustainable democracy is constitutional sustainability.

"Attaching importance to not only political, but also academic interest in these two institutions, I would like to emphasise that we all witnessed constitutional sustainability in Armenia during the velvet, non-violent revolution that took place last year. For the first time in the history of contemporary politics, the revolution and the election and other processes that followed, took place within the framework of the current Constitution, legally, avoiding any legal or constitutional crises or turbulence," Artak Zeynalyan noted, adding that this will be ongoing.

Speaking of legal security and sustainable democracy, the Minister emphasised that these two comprise the backbone of the political course of the Government. Within this context, Artak Zeynalyan attached importance to the fact that the monographer has conducted comprehensive research on the legal mechanisms for overcoming conflicts between constitutional bodies with regard to their constitutional powers and has presented a conceptual approach to the content of those disputes, the peculiarities of the settlement of those disputes, etc.

"Democracy and people power are not solidified phenomena; their developments have currently resulted in re-interpretation of the doctrine of democracy and the people power, specification of the boundaries of people power, the need for comparison of mechanisms for direct and indirect people power, and there are many challenges related to law, policy and science in this field," Artak Zeynalyan noted as he summed up his speech.

Dean of the Faculty of Law at Yerevan State University Gagik Ghazinyan, member of the Supreme Judicial Council Gevorg Danielyan and other representatives of the legal community also participated in the presentation of the monograph.

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