Probation Service presents 2018 Repor


Today, the Report on the activities of the Probation Service of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia for the year 2018 was presented with the participation of Deputy Minister of Justice of the Republic of Armenia Suren Krmoyan.

Head of the Service Arsen Navasardyan presented to the Deputy Minister the activities that the Service had carried out for control, re-socialisation, as well as the activities carried out within the scope of international co-operation in 2018. In 2018, the Probation Service had 6242 beneficiaries, including 2074 cases with the penalty type of punishment, 452 cases of depriving of certain positions and depriving of the right to certain activity, 574 cases of involving in public works, 2223 cases of not applying punishment conditionally, 17 cases of control over behaviour, 725 cases of conditional early release from punishment and 14 cases of postponement of punishment.

The activities carried out for the courses organised for the beneficiaries of the Probation Service within the scope of re-socialisation, the advisory reports submitted to courts, as well as for organising visits to cultural institutions were presented during the presentation of the Report. International co-operation was also touched upon. Among the achievements made in 2018, the launch of the official website of the Service was also presented; the website has helped make the process of raising public awareness about the activities carried out by the Service more accessible. 

Deputy Minister Krmoyan noted that the first annual report on activities attests to the functioning of the newly established institution and emphasised that the reports to follow would be compared with the previous ones. Suren Krmoyan touched upon the gaps and the activities to be completed as well and gave relevant assignments. Afterwards, Deputy Minister Krmoyan listened to questions from the heads of regional subdivisions of the Service and assured them that the Ministry of Justice would, in terms of legislation and logistics, support the solutions to the raised issues in order to make the extensive works being carried out with the few resources of the Probation Service visible to the public.