Anti-Corruption Strategy for 2019-2022 discussed with civil society representatives

19/12/2018 Font

Today, Deputy Minister of Justice of the Republic of Armenia Suren Krmoyan participated in the discussion on the Аnti-Corruption Strategy for 2019-2022. The discussion was organised within the scope of the "Commitment to Constructive Dialogue" Project.

Greeting the participants of the discussion, the Deputy Minister underlined that discussing the initial version of the Strategy with the members of civil society derives from the logic of the participatory fight against corruption adopted by the Government.

According to the Deputy Minister, the Strategy for 2019-2022 is based on the three classic directions for the fight against corruption: the principle of prevention of corruption, resistance to education and the law-enforcement system, but it is also innovative in its nature, based on the application of digital tools.

Suren Krmoyan also informed the participants of the discussion that, as a measurable result of the fight against corruption, it is expected to improve the position of Armenia in the Corruption Perception Index prepared by the Transparency International Anti-Corruption Center by 15 points; this will have a significant impact on the international reputation of Armenia.

Summing up his speech, Suren Krmoyan reaffirmed the willingness of the Ministry of Justice for co-operation and added that he was ready to discuss future recommendations as well and incorporate them in the Strategy.

Afterwards, the Strategy was presented to the participants of the discussion.

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