Artak Zeynalyan participates in closing ceremony of the Project “Support to the implementation of judicial reform in Armenia”


Today, Acting Minister of Justice of the Republic of Armenia Artak Zeynalyan participated in the closing ceremony of the Project “Support to the implementation of judicial reform in Armenia”.

The Project was funded by the European Union, the Council of Europe and the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and fully implemented by the Council of Europe.

Acting Minister Artak Zeynalyan expressed his gratitude to the Council of Europe Office for inviting him to the conference and noted that the Council of Europe Office in Armenia has always provided its support to the implementation of judicial-legal reforms in Armenia. “Brilliant evidence of this is this Project, the purpose of which was to help strengthen judicial independence, raise the level of effectiveness of legal procedures and ensure access to justice in Armenia,” Artak Zeynalyan said and emphasised that, within the scope of the Project, the Council of Europe supported the development of the Judicial Code, the capacity-building of self-government bodies of the judicial authority and improvement of the institutions of arbitration and mediation.

The Acting Minister also attached importance to the assessments given by the international experts of the Council of Europe regarding the Strategy on Judicial and Legal Reforms for 2019-2024 and the draft of the Action Plan arising from the Strategy — developed by the Ministry of Justice and currently in the stage of review — and assured that the recommendations included in the presented document would be enshrined in the 2019-2024 Plan for Judicial-legal Reforms in Armenia.

Summing up, Artak Zeynalyan reaffirmed once again the commitment of the Government established after the velvet, non-violent revolution that took place in Armenia in April-May 2018 regarding the ensuring of justice and strengthening of rule of law, as well as expressed hope that public confidence in the judiciary would be restored, corruption would be eradicated and the protection of fundamental rights and freedoms of human beings would be improved through joint efforts.