Artak Zeynalyan urges Deputy Prosecutor General of Azerbaijan to properly consider internal corruption issues

13/11/2018 Font

When speaking about achievements in the fight against corruption, Azerbaijan must remember that legal evaluations have yet to be given to the information about the highest authorities of Azerbaijan and the members of their families in the “Panama documents”, as well as the issues on bribing by Azerbaijan of different officials of EU institutions and the large-scale money laundering by Azerbaijani companies have not been properly considered. During the anti-corruption conference held in Rome, touching upon the statement of Representative of the Azerbaijani Delegation and Deputy Prosecutor General Kamran Aliyev, according to which "there is misapplication of legislation, corruption risks in the occupied territories and it is impossible to implement anti-corruption measures there", Acting Minister of Justice of the Republic of Armenia Artak Zeynalyan announced about this and advised the Azerbaijanis to properly deal with internal corruption issues.

The Acting Minister of Justice also reminded the representative of Azerbaijan that a professional anti-corruption conference was not a platform for making political statements not corresponding to the reality and that if the Azerbaijanis wished to speak about the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, they should speak about the violation — on the ground of ethnicity — by the Azerbaijanis of the right to life in Nagorno-Karabakh, that is, a fundamental human right.

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