Steps to guarantee the right of persons deprived of liberty to communicate through video call continue to be taken

17/08/2018 Font

Due to the need to ensure proper exercise of the right of persons deprived of liberty (distance, illness of a relative, residency of another country, etc.) not having an objective opportunity of a short visit with close relatives, including the right of foreign nationals, a legal opportunity for the mentioned persons to benefit from an up to 20-minute video call twice a month during the month has been provided for as a result of legislative amendments made to Decision of the Government of the Republic of Armenia No 1543-N of 2006. For the purpose of proper exercise of the right to benefit from video call, the system of video call has already been tested by the Ministry of Justice through piloting at "Nubarashen", "Vardashen", "Abovyan", "Hospital of Convicts", "Armavir", "Kosh" and "Artik" Penitentiary Institutions of the Ministry of Justice and has operated without violations. Testing activities continue. We inform that the decision providing the legal opportunity of making a video call shall enter into force from 1 November 2018.

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