Minister of Justice assigns to raise level of effectiveness of services provided by notaries


Today, Minister of Justice of the Republic of Armenia Artak Zeynalyan visited the Notarial Chamber, met with Chairperson of the Chamber Vanine Hovsepyan, the members of the board and the Chief of Staff.

First Deputy Minister of Justice Artur Hovhannisyan was also present at the meeting.

Minister Zeynalyan noted that people have high expectations from the Government of the Republic of Armenia, as well as from the bodies implementing justice. "A notary acting on behalf of the Republic of Armenia must maintain the high rating of Armenia through his or her faithful work,” the Minister emphasised and added that the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia would do its best to raise the level of effectiveness of the notarial system and to ensure higher quality services for citizens. Artak Zeynalyan asked the Chairperson and the members of the board of the Notarial Chamber about sector-specific issues and raised a number of issues to be solved, including ensuring delivery of services provided by a notary in some settlements, the need for delegating some functions to notaries with the view to easing the burden of courts, etc.

Chairperson of the Chamber Vanine Hovsepyan expressed her gratitude to the Minister for the visit and noted that even though amendments have been made to the Law of the Republic of Armenia "On Notary" during recent years, there is still a need to improve the sector. The Chairperson of the Chamber attached special importance to the need for notaries to establish a common practice and the need for the creation of a unified archive.

Minister Zeynalyan gave respective assignments regarding a number of issues raised and discussed the opportunities for solving some of the issues.

Within the scope of the working visit, the Minister also met with 9 notary candidates and discussed the issue of their recruitment for the existing vacancies of notary in three Marzes (Provinces) (Lori Marz — city of Tumanyan, Syunik Marz — city of Kajaran, Shirak Marz — Akhuryan community). The Minister suggested that the candidates express their positions regarding their recruitment for these vacancies. They were also informed that a vacancy would be filled by a drawing in case more than two applications for one vacancy were received.

After ending the meeting at the Notarial Chamber, the Minister also visited the Marriage Chamber of the Civil Status Acts Registration Agency of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia and participated as a witness in the official marriage ceremony of a couple having arrived there.