Working meeting within the scope of the “Commitment to Constructive Dialogue” project

29/05/2018 Font

Today, with the participation of the Deputy Ministers of Justice of the Republic of Armenia, a regular working meeting took place within the scope of the "Commitment to Constructive Dialogue" project implemented by the Armenian Lawyers' Association. During the meeting, a number of issues concerning the legal and judicial spheres and the field of human rights protection were discussed.

In response to the questions of interest of the members of civil society, First Deputy Minister Artur Hovhannisyan particularly touched upon the introduction of the institute for execution of alternative means of punishment instead of detention through the amendments to be made to the Criminal Procedure Code, modernisation of medical services within the penitentiary system and the pilot project launched at "Goris" penitentiary institution for improving food service that will, according to the Minister, ensure new quality of the provision of food at penitentiary institutions. Artur Hovhannisyan also touched upon the activities being carried out in the sphere of the State Probation Service, as well as ongoing improvement of the Judicial Acts Compulsory Enforcement Service, noting the need to develop new legislative acts in this sphere.

Afterwards, Deputy Minister Vigen Kocharyan also answered the questions of interest of the members of civil society with an emphasis on human rights.

During the working meeting, a number of other questions were also touched upon, relating to which the Deputy Ministers presented the state policy being implemented by the Ministry of Justice and, in this context, attached importance to the co-ordinated and constructive co-operation with representatives of civil society with the purpose of setting forth maximally effective solutions to overcome the existing challenges.

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