Working discussion within the scope of UN Sustainable Development Goals


On 12 July, the first discussion of the "Legal and Democratic Equality" working subgroup of the UN Sustainable Development Goals process was held under
the co-chairmanship of Deputy Minister of Justice of the Republic of Armenia Vigen Kocharyan and Deputy Minister of Territorial Administration and Development of the Republic of Armenia Vache Terteryan in Yerevan.

Representatives of state bodies and non-governmental organisations of the Republic of Armenia took part in the meeting organised with the support of the UN Office in the Republic of Armenia. The main goal of the discussion was to establish the main directions and schedule of activities of the subgroup, as well as to create separate working groups around each goal.

The Deputy Minister of Justice of the Republic of Armenia noted that the conduct of meetings and discussions in the format of separate working groups will promote more systematic implementation of each SDG and will allow making the dialogue between representatives of state bodies and civil society representatives over the accomplishment of each goal as comprehensive as possible. During the meeting, the participants expressed their willingness to take part in the activities of the working groups created around separate Sustainable Development Goals and to consider the ways of solving the problems.