The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia will co-operate with Luys Foundation

28/03/2017 Font

On March 28, Deputy Minister of Justice of the Republic of Armenia Suren Krmoyan participated in the Conference on Law and Technology organised by Luys Foundation within the framework of the programme "Develop Armenia Together".

Expressing his gratitude to the Executive Director of educational programmes of Luys Foundation Jacqueline Karaaslanian, Suren Krmoyan noted that this conference would provide an opportunity to reveal the problems the IT and technological companies faced, and added that the Ministry of Justice and the Government of the Republic of Armenia were ready to discuss and propose solutions for resolving the issues impeding the technological development.

The Deputy Minister emphasised that this was one of those unique cases when not the non-governmental or non-state organisations apply to the Ministry of Justice with a proposal for co-operation and support, but the Ministry of Justice, being informed about the event, expressed the desire to support this initiative.

"The Ministry of Justice, being one of the leaders in the introduction of innovative ideas and tools in the sector of governance and justice in the recent years, tries not only to introduce innovative electronic tools of governance in the sector of justice, but also – within the anti-corruption strategy – to create favourable conditions for the activities of small and medium-sized businesses and "start-ups", ensuring a proper legal basis for the introduction and development of new technologies", said Suren Krmoyan.

The Deputy Minister highly appreciated this initiative of Luys Foundation and added that it was unprecedented, as it linked law and technology.

Issues related to copyright and intellectual property, data protection, tax privileges for technological companies and availability of financial resources will be discussed during the conference.

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