Government approved draft RA Laws ‘On making supplements and amendments to the RA Laws “On non-governmental organisations”, “On foundations” and a number of other RA laws’.


At the sitting today the RA Government approved the draft RA Laws ‘On making supplements and amendments to the RA Laws “On non-governmental organisations”, “On foundations” and a number of other RA laws’. Arpine Hovhannisyan, RA Minister of Justice noted that the draft has a long history and has travelled a long way. The Minister highlighted the adoption of the draft from the prospective of creating conditions for free and effective activities of NGOs, which is a key prerequisite for sustainable development of the society. “In particular, in September 2009 the Government submitted a package to the National Assembly, which provided for the application of a number of supervisory tools causing the concern and dissatisfaction of many NGOs. As a result a civil initiative was created, which united about 300 NGOs around it. They aimed at finalising and summing up the concerns of all the civil society representatives with respect to the given package of draft laws”, - noted the Minister. Arpine Hovhannisyan underlined that the submitted package has been under consideration involving all the stakeholders, and all the recommendations made have been taken into consideration. According to the Minister, https://www.e­ system will enable NGOs to get registered on-line. Besides, all the offices of the Services Division of the Agency of State Register of Legal Entities under the RA MoJ will be provided with a possibility of accepting documents. Thus, the administrative action of state registration of NGOs will be simplified and clarified relieving the organisation getting registered from unnecessary procedures. The package will allow that confusingly similar names and symbols are excluded, the system for setting up, establishing the structure, forming management bodies and organising the activities of NGOs are improved, as well as the role of the Statute is enhanced, which will promote the institutional development of NGOs and — by granting the right to engage in entrepreneurial activity — NGOs will be provided with an effective tool ensuring the financial stability thereof. Addressing the draft laws Hovik Abrahamyan, RA Prime Minister noted that the Government of the Republic of Armenia — highlighting the role of civil society in the development of democracy, having regard to the recommendations made and viewpoints presented in the course of public discussions, as well as professional researches — presents the mentioned draft as institutional and legislative reform programme targeted at development of civil society organisations. The draft, as it stands, has been approved by the representatives of international organisations, as well as that of the civil society. The Head of the executive body marked out a number of innovations, namely the introduction of the institute of volunteers, expansion of the possibility for engaging in entrepreneurial activity by NGOs, which can be of utmost importance for both independence and financial stability of NGOs, etc. The Prime Minister believes that creating the possibility of on-line registration of NGOs will become a major stimulus for addressing the issues faced in setting up NGOs and by the civil society not only in Yerevan, but in regions as well”.