Rustam Badasyan participates in "Eastern Partnership for the EU" conference in Brussels


Today, Minister of Justice of the Republic of Armenia Rustam Badasyan participated in the "Eastern Partnership for the EU" conference in the capital of Brussels of the Kingdom of Belgium. The Minister expressed gratitude for the invitation and stated that, throughout its entire history, Armenia has preserved the values underlying the Eastern Partnership, that is, democracy, human rights protection and rule of law, and they are deeply radicalised in the conscience of the nation, brilliant evidence of which is the velvet revolution that took place in Armenia in 2018.

"Our Government continues to remain strictly faithful to the strengthening of rule of law, human rights protection, the effective implementation of the unwavering fight against corruption and ambitious judicial reforms, in accordance with the Constitution and the assumed international commitments. We believe that, as Government, we have a great opportunity to convert the trust of our people into the functioning of strong institutions, the strengthening of rule of law, the ensuring of security and the building of an inclusive and responsible society. Our people have given us an unprecedented mandate to make changes in their lives; this is our main responsibility," Rustam Badasyan said.

In the context of the reforms being implemented, the Minister set aside the major role of the co-operation between Armenia and the European Union within the scope of the Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement, reaffirming the commitment of the Government to effective and proper implementation of the roadmap arising from the Agreement.

In his speech, the Minister also touched upon the actions envisaged by the Strategy for Judicial and Legal Reforms, the Anti-Corruption Strategy and the Strategy on the Penitentiary and Probation Sectors approved by the Government, as well as the draft of the National Strategy for Human Rights Protection which is in the stage of development. Besides, Rustam Badasyan declared that the Ministry of Justice has assumed the political commitment to supporting police reforms in Armenia. A strategy on police reforms will be developed for this purpose and will be targeted at increase of public confidence in the Police, human rights protection within those institutions, capacity-building of officers of the Police within the scope of the fight against domestic violence and more.