Deputy Minister Khachikyan participates in round-table discussion on anti-corruption policy


Today, a round-table discussion on the topic of the anti-corruption policy took place with the participation of Deputy Minister of Justice Tigran Khachikyan. It was jointly organised by the Eastern Europe Centre for Multiparty Democracy and the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy.

Deputy Minister Khachikyan welcomed the initiative, noting that the ideological basis of the event is also in line with the targets that the Government has set for the fight against corruption. Tigran Khachikyan emphasised that the fight against corruption is reflected in the Government Programme as a benchmark and includes three main component elements: transparency of the assets and revenues of public servants, progressive development of the field of public administration and transparency of economic activity. The Deputy Minister also noted that, within this context, the Minister of Justice is closely co-operating with civil society and other state bodies to submit an anti-corruption strategy for the coming years and a quality Action Plan deriving from it.

According to Khachikyan, there is an established belief that such events serve as effective platforms for consolidation of the existing viewpoints. The Deputy Minister of Justice noted: "I am certain that the viewpoints expressed during the discussion will be various in their nature and will refer to the fight against corruption demonstrated in different areas of public life."

Summing up, the Deputy Minister assured that the Ministry of Justice will be consistent in ensuring applicability of effective recommendations made during the discussion.