Deputy Minister Khachikyan: "Anti-corruption education is the only way to establish an atmosphere of intolerance against corruption"


Deputy Minister of Justice of the Republic of Armenia Tigran Khachikyan delivered a concluding speech at the Government-Civil Society International Expert Conference entitled "The Republic of Armenia Anti-Corruption Strategy under International Experience".

The Deputy Minister expressed gratitude to the Armenian Lawyers' Association and the CSO Anti-Corruption Coalition for organising the conference effectively and to the participants for their opinions, assessments, judgments and concerns.

According to Tigran Khachikyan, those opinions, assessments, judgments and concerns are very important. "They are important in two senses. Firstly, they provide the opportunity to enshrine and materialise all the positive, prima facie substantiated recommendations with relevant perspectives in one place and secondly, record-registration of the positions, statements and comments will allow to develop a very effective anti-corruption strategy," the Deputy Minister of Justice noted, emphasising that Armenia is currently in a period that requires a sense of responsibility and that, in this period, the fight against corruption will be consistent, with the use of all tools. He informed that during this period, the Ministry of Justice has received several hundreds of comments and suggestions regarding the draft Anti-Corruption Strategy and assured that each of the received comments and suggestions have been and will be evaluated in the context of substantiation of content, purposefulness, as well as compliance with the current legislation and the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia.

At the end of the conference, Deputy Minister Khachikyan added that anti-corruption education is the only way to establish a stable atmosphere of intolerance within the society.