Public discussion on personal data protection


On 6 December, a public discussion entitled “Personal Data Protection in Armenia and Georgia: Challenges and Priority Areas” took place in Yerevan.  It was initiated by the Committee to Protect Freedom of Expression and Open Society Foundations — Armenia.

Head of the Agency for Protection of Personal Data of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia, Shushan Doydoyan briefed the participants of the discussion on the activities carried out by the Agency for Protection of Personal Data of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia throughout the year, stressing that the principles of the activities for the first year were publicity and accountability, wide public awareness, the formation of soft law in a number of spheres, integration into the international family of personal data protection, etc.

Presenting the Agency's priorities for the year 2016, Shushan Doydoyan pointed out the adoption of the Action Plan, as well as the activities being carried out in the spheres of video surveillance, undesirable messages and protection of minors' personal data.

At the end of the report, Shushan Doydoyan noted that in the course of one year, the Agency has provided 310 public and private organisations and persons with consultations and clarifications on the Law of the Republic of Armenia "On protection of personal data" as well as provided opinion-conclusions on 46 legal acts being drawn up by various bodies.

Afterwards, Personal Data Protection Inspector of Georgia Tamar Kaldani presented the experience and specifics of Georgia in the sphere of personal data protection. This was followed by a question-and-answer session with the participants of the discussion.