Government intends to reduce the quantity of laws elaborated by state agencies and creates a new body.


At today’s sitting, the Government approved the draft decision “On establishing the “Center of Legislation Development and Legal Researches” Fund and approving the statute of the Fund”, which was presented by the Minister of Justice Arpine Hovhannisyan. A. Hovhannisyan informed that still in 2013 discussions were held with OSCE/ODIHR; and the establishment of the Fund is particularly important in the light of the constitutional reforms.

"As a far-reaching strategic objective, we are planning also to reduce the quantity of legislative acts elaborated by state agencies. I would like to thank the United States Agency for International Development and emphasise that the Fund is being established with their support".

Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan was interested in the number of years the USAID plans to finance the activities of the Fund and whether it will not become an additional financial burden for the Government afterwards, to which Arpine Hovhannisyan replied that the USAID will provide financing for two years. As to the future, A. Hovhannisyan stated that judging from her negotiations with international institutions she can say that there will be financing in the future as well.

It should be noted that according to the draft decision, the Republic of Armenia is the founder of the Fund, and the public administration authorised body acting on behalf thereof is the Ministry of Justice; Tigran Markosyan is appointed as the acting head of the executive body of the Fund.

The state fund will be registered by the Ministry of Justice within a one-month period after the entry into force of the Decision, and the Board of Trustees will be formed within a one-month period after the entry into force of the Decision.

According to the draft decision, the Fund has the following objectives: assisting in the development of the regulatory policy of the Republic of Armenia, implementation and development of regulatory governance; carrying out activities aimed at the elaboration of concepts for development of legislation envisaging new approaches to the regulation of wide-ranging public relations or having utmost importance; drawing up annual plans for  elaboration of legal acts, analysing the current legislation, etc.