Persons holding public positions and public servants are obliged to transfer gifts exceeding AMD 75.000 to the state or the community, as prescribed by the Government

04/09/2018 Font

The Law ''On public service'', adopted on 23 March 2018, prescribes that permissible gifts in connection with performance of official duties by persons holding public positions and public servants shall be considered as gifts given or hospitality organised during state or official visits or events, as well as during working visits, gifts usually given during public events, hospitality usually organised during public events, materials provided free of charge for official use, scholarships, grants or benefits awarded as a result of a public competition under the same conditions and criteria as those which apply to the other applicants, or as a result of another transparent process, ceremonial gifts given by foreign states and international organisations.

Where the value of such gifts exceeds AMD 75.000, they shall be registered as the property of the state or community.

Persons holding public positions and public servants shall, as prescribed by the Government, be obliged to inform about the receipt of such gifts.

The procedure for registering and transferring gifts shall be established by the Government.


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