Ministry of Justice piloting project to outsource functions for food supply to penitentiary institutions to private sector

11/05/2018 Font

Within the scope of the Programme of the Government of the Republic of Armenia for 2017-2022, upon the proposal of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia, relevant measures have been included for improving the living conditions of persons at penitentiary institutions. Particularly, within the scope of the Programme, it was intended to pilot the projects for outsourcing to the private sector a number of functions of the Penitentiary Service, including the functions for food supply.

For the purpose of implementing the mentioned measures, the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia held professional discussions with private companies, and agreements were reached to implement pilot projects for introduction of a new and effective system of preparation of, delivery and supply of food to penitentiary institutions. The first pilot project was implemented by "Master Service" LLC at "Goris" Penitentiary Institution where 100 convicts were supplied with new dishes made by the Company through a new method for about a week (from 15 April to 21 April).

In particular, the food was shock cooled (from -18oC to -24o C) through special equipment immediately after the dishes were made by the Company at a factory. Afterwards, the dishes, which were frozen (-18oC to -40oC degrees), were transferred to "Goris" Penitentiary Institution in a car with a freezer. The dishes were stored at penitentiary institutions, heated up through special ovens and supplied hot to the persons at penitentiary institutions. For the supplying company to pilot the project, keep the frozen food and heat it up, freezers, refrigerators and convection heaters were temporarily installed by the Company in the kitchen of "Goris" Penitentiary Institution.

During implementation of the project, the detained persons, convicts, as well as the administration and employees of the penitentiary institution positively assessed the quality of the food, as well as the above-mentioned method of supplying food.

The Ministry of Justice continues to make efforts to improve the quality of food at penitentiary institutions.

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