Armenia’s joining Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children discussed

18/10/2017 Font

Today, the regular session of the Juvenile Justice Board was held under the direction of Deputy Minister of Justice of the Republic of Armenia, Suren Krmoyan. About two dozens of state, international and non-governmental organisations were present at the meeting.

Suren Krmoyan greeted the participants of the meeting and they discussed the joining of Armenia “The Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children” (EVAC), as well as the reasonability of considering the Juvenile Justice Board as a necessary platform for joining the mentioned organisation. The Deputy Minister noted that the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia attaches utmost importance to such an opportunity of international co-operation, which will contribute to reduction and prevention of the cases of violence against children in our country, as well as to the introduction of proven and efficient mechanisms and instruments ensuring child protection.

In this context, Coordinator of the Juvenile Justice Project of the United Nations Children's Fund in Armenia, Viktoria Ohanyan, presented the opportunities and the necessary steps for joining of the Republic of Armenia “The Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children” (EVAC).

During the meeting the representative of the Staff of the Human Rights Defender reported on the statistics of the applications-complaints received in the Office of Human Rights Defender for the period between January and October of 2017. According to the data, 62 complaints have been received, out of which: 25 — concerning both parents, 10 — concerning the right to education of a child and 25 are the complaints concerning other problems (alimony, residential area, package tours to a sanatorium, benefits etc.) and 2 — examinations launched upon own initiative.

Also, Action Plan for 3-5 years on public campaign "Let’s replace violence with love!" jointly implemented by 10 Armenian non-governmental organisations which deal with protection of children's rights, was presented as an issue on the agenda, concerning to which Deputy Minister Suren Krmoyan also introduced the position of the Board that is aimed to a more efficient co-operation.

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