Davit Harutyunyan: Application of electronic technologies in governance process will have positive impact on all fields of our lives

17/10/2017 Font

Today, Minister of Justice of the Republic of Armenia, Davit Harutyunyan, participated in the presentation on the topic of "Development of e-Governance Tools in Justice" attended by Piotr Switalski, Head of the EU Delegation, Ambassador as well. E-governance projects introduced in the e-justice sector by the Ministry of Justice with the support of the European Union were presented during the event, which are aimed at ensuring transparency of the state activities, reducing the corruption risks and enhancing the access to, quality and efficiency of the services provided by the state authorities.

Minister Davit Harutyunyan extended thanks to the Delegation of the European Union to Armenia and all the partners for continuous support to implementation of key reforms in the state administration system of the Republic of Armenia. "Digitalisation of the state administration system, application of electronic technologies in the process of governance will have positive impact on all the fields of our lives — the state administration system, infrastructures, economy, public life, education, security and the integration processes with the participation of Armenia", the Minister noted adding that modernisation of the state system of Armenia is one of the priorities of the Government.

Ambassador Piotr Switalski positively assessed the results of the project and attached importance to the application of e-governance in the fight against corruption and abuses. According the Head of the EU Delegation, due to the project the best practice of the world and modern governance are introduced Armenia, as a result of which Armenia becomes a leader among other — even the EU countries.

Deputy Minister of Justice, Suren Krmoyan, assured that the Ministry will keep making efforts towards modernising the state administration system and forming a transparent, participatory and efficient governance system, by application of the e-governance tools.

At the presentation on "Development of e-Governance Tools in Justice", — the unified website for publicising draft legal acts was demonstrated, which ensures an efficient mechanism of organising online public discussions on draft regulatory legal acts and summarising the offered proposals, aimed at ensuring public participation in the law-making activities of the State, organising an open, transparent and accountable process of developing draft legal acts, the e-notary system due to which an opportunity to electronically generate all the notary documents was created, the system of online application beforehand for notary services evolved and the opportunity of online sending certain inquiries to the notary was created.

Combining activities concerning the electronic system of the State Register Agency of the Legal Entities, of the Civil Status Acts Registration and e-governance systems of the Police of the Republic of Armenia have also been carried out.

The Ministry of Justice also introduced the e-Apostille system —, which enables to accept electronically the applications for attesting the documents by Apostille, and the competent body of the recipient State may check online the validity of the Apostilles received.

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