Corruption combat issues and tasks discussed with non-governmental and public sector partners

29/09/2017 Font

On 28 September a working meeting with representatives of a number of Institutions interested took place under the direction of Deputy Minister of Justice of the Republic of Armenia, Suren Krmoyan, during which the report on the progress achieved in the field of fight against corruption by Armenia in the plenary session of Anti-Corruption Network for Eastern Europe and Central Asia was summed up.

Suren Krmoyan highly appreciated the role of non-governmental organisations in the fight against corruption and expressed willingness, on behalf of the Ministry of Justice, to deepen current active and efficient co-operation with all the organisations interested within the framework the anti-corruption fight.

The Deputy Minister of Justice, touching upon the mechanisms aimed at reducing corruption risks, singled out electronic tools and noted that the unified website for publishing draft legal acts — and the website of the hotline of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia — had already been launched.

During the meeting the participants also discussed the details of a new project on creating an online request system.

It should be noted that employees of the Staff of the Government of the Republic of Armenia, the Commission on Ethics of High-Ranking Officials, as well as representatives of the "Armenian Lawyers' Association", "Transparency International Anti-corruption Center", "Armavir Development Center", "Protection of Rights without Borders", "Harmonious Development" non-governmental organisations.

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