MoJ calls on citizens, civil society and businesspeople to participate in activities for development of draft legal acts

15/06/2017 Font

The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia, with the support of the European Union and the United Nations Development Programme, has prepared a social clip presenting the goal and the possibilities of the unified website for publication of draft legal acts at, which has been launched for the purpose of electronic democracy.

The unified platform for publication of draft legal acts provides citizens, civil society and representatives of the business sector with the opportunity to actively participate in law-making activities being implemented by the State, ensuring joint effective
co-operation between the State, the society and representatives of the business sector.

The website provides users with the opportunity to get acquainted with the posted drafts, the rationale of those drafts and other attached documents, submit recommendations, get acquainted with the summary of recommendations on the draft, the accepted recommendations or the justifications for not accepting them, by which pubic consideration and the participatory process of the public in law-making activities of the State is ensured.

The website provides citizens with the opportunity to subscribe while registering by sections and be notified on draft legal acts published by the relevant agency via messages sent to electronic mail.

The Ministry of Justice calls on representatives of the civil society and the business sector to be active and participate in the activities for development of draft legal acts.

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