Qualification examination for bankruptcy managers for the year 2016 was held

16/12/2016 Font

The qualification examination for bankruptcy managers previously announced by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia was launched today, and out of 53 applicants having initially submitted applications, 49 participated in the examination.

First Deputy Minister of Justice of the Republic of Armenia and Chairperson of the Examination Commission Artur Hovhannisyan presented the rules of the testing stage to the participants of the qualification test, after which the participants were handed the examination questionnaires and were given 150 minutes to complete them.

When the time was up, the Commission, having summarised the results of the first stage of the examination, recorded that 42 of 49 participants had crossed the threshold of 90 percent in the testing stage and thus had moved on to the interview stage.

The participants are interviewed based on the questions that they randomly select. Additional information on the participants having passed the qualification test will be provided based on the summary of the results.

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