Citizens of the Republic of Armenia to have better access to state services from now on

18/11/2016 Font

On 18 November, four unified offices for the joint provision of state services with operators — established upon the decision of the Government of the Republic of Armenia — were opened under the direction of Minister of Justice of the Republic of Armenia Arpine Hovhannisyan. From now on, the functions of the office for the provision of services of state administration bodies will be carried out in the offices of "HayPost" CJSC (address: 21 Nalbandyan Street), "ArdShinBank" CJSC (address: 24 Tigran Mets Street), "Ameriabank" CJSC (address: 6 Deghatan Street) and "Converse Bank" CJSC (address: 4/6 Kajaznuni Street).

According to Minister of Justice of the Republic of Armenia Arpine Hovhannisyan, it is necessary to make sure that the functions of state authorities are as accessible to the citizens of the Republic of Armenia as possible so that the citizen spends as fewer resources, efforts and money as possible to receive any statement of information from a state authority.

Starting from today, citizens can receive statements of information on state registration of rights over immovable property, registration of legal persons, no criminal conviction, registration of civil status acts and movable property from not only relevant local bodies, but also the specified offices for provision of services. The Minister assured that, upon the assignment of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia, this process will be ongoing, and over the upcoming months, the network of service offices and the scope of services provided by service offices will be expanded.

The offices to be providing these services will be distinguished with an appropriate logo.

The new system was experimented on the spot in the offices of the specified operators during the tour (citizens registered Private Entrepreneurship, as well as received the uniform statements of information on legal person, no criminal conviction and the Real Estate Cadastre).

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