Public to have opportunity to get acquainted with the draft legal acts in the stage of development, submit suggestions and comments

02/09/2016 Font

The Government of the Republic of Armenia today held a subsequent session during which the government made amendments and supplements to one of the previously adopted decisions for the purpose of regulating the existing relations in regard to public awareness in the field of draft legal acts development. In particular, a common on-line platform will be created, providing government agencies with the opportunity to post the drafts of regulatory legal acts being developed by them both on their official websites and on the common website for publication of the drafts of legal acts which is maintained by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia. In this way, civil society representatives can get acquainted with the posted drafts — and in case of being registered on the common website — also submit their suggestions and comments, which will be included in the summary page for suggestions and comments on the drafts. The above-mentioned regulations will create an opportunity to follow the future process the draft undergoes, to learn whether it has been adopted or not, how it was edited and the justifications for not adopting it.



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