Working Group conducting study on institutional system for combating corruption holds sitting

20/05/2016 Font

On 20 May, the working discussion of the Group conducting a study on the institutional system for combating corruption was held at the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia with the participation of Deputy Minister of Justice Suren Krmoyan.

The Working Group includes representatives from the "Armenian Lawyers Association", "Freedom of Information Center" and "Protection of Rights without Borders" non-governmental organisations, as well as of the Ministry of Justice.

 During the discussion, Deputy Minister Suren Krmoyan urged the members of the Working Group to observe, on the basis of the study of the best international experience for institutional systems for combating corruption carried out by the Working Group, the applicability of the presented different models in the Republic of Armenia.

During the meeting, the Deputy Minister also touched upon the independently specialised universal model for combating corruption, the law-enforcement model for combating corruption and presented in detail the model for preventing corruption, developing and co-ordinating a policy for combating corruption.

Head of the "Armenian Lawyers Association" non-governmental organisation Karen Zadoyan attached importance to the activities of the Working Group conducting an analysis on the institutional system for combating corruption under the platform for state-civil society co-operation, presented the completed activities and suggested focusing on the development of two or three models that can be applicable to Armenia.

 During the working discussion, work was distributed among the members of the Group under the direction of Deputy Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia, Head of the Working Group Karen Hakobyan.

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