Minister of Justice met NGO representatives

20/10/2015 Font

On 19 October a sitting of the Public Council adjunct to the Minister of Justice was held — chaired by Arpine Hovhannisyan, RA Minister of Justice — in which representatives from more than twenty NGOs took part. The Minister welcomed the members of the Public Council and noted that she is willing to give a new meaning — in terms of its content — to the co-operation aimed at open and transparent government taking into account the best practices recorded through similar formats. Arpine Hovhannisyan expressed her willingness to work closely with NGO representatives and underlined that successful implementation of different projects is also dependent on the role they assumed. Addressing the draft RA Law “On non-governmental organisations” included on the agenda of the sitting, the Minister stated that in the coming days following the amendments it will then be submitted to the RA Government. During the sitting Arsen Mkrtchyan and Suren Krmoyan, Deputy RA Ministers of Justice presented the amended draft RA Law “On non-governmental organisations” and the draft RA Law “On making supplements to the Administrative Offences Code of the Republic of Armenia”, as well as the new arrangements and justifications provided for therein. The NGO representatives presented their observations and suggestions with respect to certain provisions of the drafts; they agreed to submit those observations and suggestions to the RA Ministry of Justice in writing as well.

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